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Local contact: adboyd@sky.com

Scottish Ambulance Service:

Co-ordinator: aharrison4@nhs.net


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Milngavie Community First Responders


What Milngavie Community First Responders do

Community First Responder (CFR) volunteers have all been trained by the Scottish Ambulance Service to deal with certain types of 999 calls where a quick response could mean the difference between life and death.

CFR volunteer for a shift on a rota basis and can choose what times and days suit. The aim is to provide as much cover for the community as possible, both night and day. CFR are equipped with a high visibility jacket or vest with 'First Responder' on the back and they carry a backpack with all their emergency equipment in it.


When a 999 call is received at the Ambulance Control Centre it is quickly screened to see if a CFR could be of assistance in the emergency. A CFR's role is to support the Scottish Ambulance Service by offering early, life giving treatment whilst the ambulance and paramedics make their way to the scene.


Community First Responders are trained specifically to deal with heart (cardiac) emergencies and therefore are not called out to other 999 call. CFRs are only called out to emergencies that they have adequate training to respond to.


All the CFR are local volunteers, their knowledge of the town and surrounding areas offers them the ability to respond to the emergency quickly and efficiently.


Every second counts

All CFRs are trained in basic life support, the supply of oxygen and how to use defibrillators.

A CFR will:

•assess the scene

•check for a response from the patient

•check that the patients airway is clear

•check to see if the patient is breathing

•use oxygen and defibrillation if required

•keep the patient as comfortable and as calm as possible

•provde support for the ambulance and paramedics when they arrive


Early support and emergency treatment is vital in order to save the life of a cardiac arrest patient. A FR can arrive within a few minutes of receiving the 999 call and when their training is put into practice, early attendance can dramatically improve the pre-hospital survival rate.


As soon as the ambulance and paramedics arrive the FR is able to pass on all the relevant information gathered at the scene. This also saves time and maximises the survival rate for the patient.


CFRs -

•support the local community

•meet regularly

•must regularly update their training with the Scottish Ambulance Service


Please help and support volunteering in your community by applying to be a Community First Responder.


Milngavie Community First Responders - January 2016